What This Man Does To Save A 400-Pound Black Bear From Drowning Is Simply Heroic

Despite forests being massive areas, this 400-pound black bear had found a way out into a residential area in Florida while looking for some food to grub on. He had started digging through some garbage to capitalize on some leftovers that someone had tossed out. That’s when wildlife personnel decided to step in to return this bear back to his home – the Osceola National Forest.

They had shot the bear with a harmless tranquilizer dart – used to calm down and sedate the bear to safely take him back to the woods. However, the bear did not feel like sticking around just to be rounded up by a bunch of people chasing him down, and booked it towards the gulf.

After the bear jumped into the water, the sedative from the dart started to settle in, preventing the bear from swimming properly. That’s when this biologist, Adam Warwick, decided to take action.

Adam stripped down and jumped in to help the bear swim…

And pulled him ashore!

Once on shore, they loaded the big fella up to take him back to his habitat. Mr. Warwick made sure the bear was good to go back to his home in Osceola National Forest.

And now, our bear is doing just fine, all thanks to Adam Warwick!

Truly amazing.

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