Doctors Said She Would Never Be Able To Walk On Her Own. Then She Met This GREAT Dane

Eleven-year-old Bella Burton was born with Morquio syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects her bones and greatly limits her mobility. After multiple surgeries and myriad therapies, the little girl still struggled to walk on her own But all that changed after Bella met George –– her Great Dane and best friend.

George, a service dog, was first introduced to the girl last year and has helped improve her mobility and morale more than any other therapy she’s undergone.

The gentle dog accompanies Bella wherever she goes. The brave little girl uses the dog’s large body as a support, and walks confidently alongside him. Bella now runs and plays on the playground, and even goes shopping at the mall, activities she didn’t feel comfortable doing before her family adopted George in January.

“With George, she’s become so much stronger and active,” Bella’s mom, Rachel Burton, told ABC News. “George is “the most loyal dog we could have hoped for. He’s 131 pounds, and she’s 43 pounds, but he’s just so chill around her. And he does anything she says,” she added.

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H/T: Huffington Post

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