Boy Asks a Stranger To Light Cigarette For Him. His Answer Will Leave You Speechless

We all know that smoking is bad for adults –– but especially harmful for young children. However, what would you do if a child actually asked you to light a cigarette for him?

In the video below, several people were forced to ask themselves this question recently after a hidden camera experiment by DennisCree.

As you’ll see, some people refused, some got angry, but some people actually agreed to light the young boy’s cigarette for him, even as a police officer walks past! Then, towards the end of the video, the child encounters a man who lost his voice box due to his smoking. It was an unexpected and powerful moment.

Speaking using his Electrolarynx, the man gives the child an eye-opening lesson about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. It is unlikely he will ever want to touch another cigarette for as long as he lives after encountering a man.

What do you think of this social experiment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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