Homeless Single Mom is Struggling. When Her Boss Does THIS? My Heart Sank

At Tabooya, we love sharing impacting stories. This particular one is one of the most powerful we’ve ever seen.

Meet Angel, a single mother of three living in a homeless shelter. In the video below, Angel thought she was being filmed for a documentary as she trained a new associate at Modell’s, but she was really on ‘Undercover Boss’, a show about bosses of chain businesses going undercover to their own stores and interact with the employees to see what working for them is really like.

Angel had no idea that the trainee was actually Modell’s CEO Mitchell Modell. He shaved his head and grew a mustache as a disguise. However, Mitchell is brought to tears when Angel shares her experience at work and reveals her personal challenges.

“We’ve been homeless for a long time. We live in a shelter now,” the single mother says. “It doesn’t matter, though. I don’t want you to feel sad for me,” she adds.

Little did she know she was confessing to the one man who had the power to change everything. Mitchell was absolutely shocked that his company didn’t pay his employee enough to afford a home.

The story takes a very emotional turn when Mitchel gives her a $14,000 raise, and get this: a tax-free check for $250,000. Angel’s reaction is perhaps the most powerful I’ve ever seen, as she collapses to the ground. Watch:

This is one of the most moving moments we’ve seen, a reminder that by helping others you are not only changing their lives for the better, but you are changing your own life and ultimately the world as well.

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H/T: Little Things.

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