Mysterious 14 Mile Structure Discovered 'Buried' In Antarctica Leaves Scientists Baffled

A Mysterious 14-mile structure discovered buried ‘in Antarctica’ has left scientists baffled, according to several news reports. The image of the ‘structure’, found on Google Earth, has sparked mass speculation among internet users of what it could be.

The white blur deep in the barren continent has provoked theories that it could be a secret research station hidden by a government or a UFO buried in the ice, the report says.

Internet users have flooded to Google to look for the amazing discovery. In the video below, YouTuber Wowforreel highlights the strange “patchy mass” and shows how you can find it yourself on the web app Google Earth.

“I’ve searched the entire continent and I couldn’t find anything quite like it,” he says, then adds: “This thing is so huge you can’t miss it – not even from outer space,” as he points to the giant 14.5 miles by 4.5 miles area of bright white.

“It’s probably a secret research facility. They are allowed to request Google blur out things like this,” he comments.

Another user ponders: “Could this be Noah’s Ark, or a giant UFO mothership buried in ice?”

The video of the mysterious structure has racked over two million views since it was uploaded to Youtube.

We can only speculate as to this could be. The continent is very difficult to access meaning the ‘mass’ will probably remain a mystery for years to come.

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H?T: Express News

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