Disgraced Police Officer Jailed For Life. His SHOCKING Crime Will Make Your Blood Boil

We’ve seen lots of crime news over the years, but what you’re about to read is one of the most disturbing crimes we’ve ever reported. A disgraced police officer has been jailed for life after sexually assaulting a 75-year-old stroke victim.

According to prosecutors, Gary Dale Baker raped the woman twice between 2010 and 2012. The former officer was convicted of nine felony charges.

Photo: Sacramento Police Dept.

The woman, who is unable to speak since suffering a stroke, struggled to communicate the attacks to her family and investigators were unable to link the attacks to any known suspects, even after DNA evidence proved the assaults had taken place.

But after the former policeman attempted a third assault, the family installed a motion-operated camera system. When the savage attacker returned, officers watching the footage were shocked to discover that one of their colleagues was the perpetrator of such horrible crime.

“You tarnished the badge for police officers everywhere. For your crimes, you will be sentenced to life in prison,” Sacramento Superior Court Judge Ernest Sawtelle said during sentencing.

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