They Opened Google Maps, But Never Expected To Make THIS Shocking Discovery

While verifying a location using Google Maps, construction workers noticed something strange at the bottom of a pond in Michigan. The men, who were in the process of installing Christmas lights on a nearby tree, decided to investigate, but they never expected to make a gruesome discovery.

The workmen spotted a body of a man inside a car at the bottom of a pond. The man was David Lee Niles, who went missing on October 11, 2006, after leaving his local pub where he was drinking with a friend, according to Express News.

David Lee Niles

“All of a sudden, it’s like, ‘Whoa, there’s a car out there,” Byron Houseman, one of the workers, told reporters.

Police contacted his family, who said the discovery will finally allow everyone to move on.

“Why God waited nine years, I have no idea, but we’re happy. It’s good to have him home,” Nile’s son-in-law Scott Hathaway told local media.

“For us today, it’s a closure of a long search,” he concluded.

H/T: Express News

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