Mysterious Black Spheres Landing In Various Areas Terrify Spanish Villagers

Something mysterious is happening, and people are terrified. That is the sentiment shared by Spanish Citizens who are frustrated by a lack of answers over what exactly keeps falling from the skies, reported Christian Telegram.

According to the report, “over the past month on three separate occasions mysterious black metal spheres have landed in various areas around the country. Both NASA and the European Space Agency have claimed the items are just “space junk” but the answers haven’t sat well with locals.

Civil authorities transport one of the orbs to an undisclosed location. Photo: Video frame

“We told the civil authorities and they said they would send someone to pick it up. When they came, they blocked off the whole area,” Mario Cavasos, a resident of the village of Villavieja, said this about the sphere. “They brought lots of trucks, lots of people. Nobody said what was going on,” he added.

One resident was able to capture the recovery of one of ‘The Spheres’ on video and later posted it on Youtube, where is has gone viral.

After this video was posted online, two more black spheres mysteriously appeared in other parts of the country. Even after watching that we’re not quite sure what to make of it.

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