This Blind Dog Needs a New Home After His Owner Suddenly Passed Away

Ray is in desperate need of a new home after the sudden death of his owner. He was only supposed to be with professional dog trainer Brittany Robinson for a few days, but his short stay turned into a much longer one after tragedy struck.

Ray’s owner originally came to Robinson as a client. Robinson runs K9 Guidance to Inclusion, a training and boarding facility, out of her home in Tuscon, Arizona, and agreed to train the laid-back, blind cattle dog, according to The Dodo.

Photo credit: Brittany Robinson

A couple of weeks later, however, Robinson got a phone call from his owner with devastating news. “She had been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.”

The caring dog trainer assured Ray’s owner she would care for him for as long as was needed while she underwent treatment. “‘Don’t worry about it,’ we said, ‘he stays here with us.’”

Photo credit: Brittany Robinson

“Sadly, Ray’s owner passed away in November and he could never go home to her.” Ray is now living with Robinson as she keeps her promise to care for him until he can find a new home,” The Dodo writes.

“Ray has been blind since he was 2 years old — his eyes had to be removed due to glaucoma — but that doesn’t keep him from being a loyal, loving dog,” Robinson said.

Photo credit: Brittany Robinson

“You would never know he was blind, he’s very sensitive and has an extraordinary sense of smell. He’s actually probably the easiest dog we have at our house … super sweet, very people-oriented,” she added.

Now Robinson and her fiance, Christopher Brauer, are trying to find Ray a new family. To help his transition, Robinson is offering “free training and boarding for life to whomever takes him home.”

Photo credit: Brittany Robinson

“Ray would make a great pet for a family with no other dogs, since being around the commotion of other pets can be hard for him, but other than that he’s “just a laid back boy who wants to hang at your feet,” Robinson said.

Please spread the word so Ray can find a forever home soon.

H/T: The Dodo

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