Veteran Had No Family To Attend His Funeral. But Wait 'Til You See What These Marines Did!

In an incredible gesture of respect, more than 1,000 strangers showed up to pay tribute to a veteran who had no family.

Former Marine Cpl. Billy Aldridge passed away at an Indianapolis nursing home in 2015. Because he had no family, his funeral was made open to the public. Then something extraordinary happened. The crowd was so large that some even had to stand in the back.

Photo: Imgur

Hundreds of veterans appeared at the touching send-off to salute the 80-year-old former serviceman.

“This was just unbelievably wonderful,” Tim Elson, a Vietnam War veteran, told reporters before adding: “That the community would come together and remember a fellow veteran, not knowing him, not knowing anything about him.”

The heartbreaking video of the event was posted online and has received millions of views. Watch, and please share.

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