Watching This Gang Of Chickens Wearing Retro Tank Tops Will Make Your Week

It’s hard to imagine anything worse than the tiny, barren, cramped battery cages where million hens currently are forced to spend their lives. These chickens are in particular need of extra layers because they often have few feathers, as they tend to pull them out in frustration. This leaves them struggling to cope with chilly winter weather.

That’s why Nicola Congdon, a woman who rescues battery chickens, decided to knit woolly jumpers for her chickens to keep them warm. Her story has gone viral.

Image: Youtube video frame.

Nicola, 25 and her mother Ann, 58, have been re-homing battery chickens for some years, but found that they would get cold when they lived outdoors.

Nicola Congden. Image: Youtube video frame.

The video below has more on this story:

Nice looking gang!

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