They Lost Both Parents On a Terrible Accident. What This Trooper Did? AMAZING!

When Georgia state Trooper Nathan Bradley responded to a car crash on Halloween, he didn’t just follow procedure. He went far beyond to serve as a true guardian angel to the children impacted by this terrible accident.

Iraq army veteran Donald Howard, 33, and stay-at-home mother Crystal Howard, 30, died when their SUV skidded off the wet road and hit a tree in Broughton Road, Newton County on Halloween night.

The couple went to a nearby store to get face paint and candy for their children. But their SUV went off the road and struck a tree, less than a quarter of a mile from home, where their youngsters were waiting for them.

State trooper Nathan Bradley, with the Georgia State Patrol, was the officer tasked with the awful job of breaking the sad news to the family.

When he knocked on the family’s front door, he found the children dressed in Halloween costumes and eagerly waiting for their parents’ return. That’s when he decided to delay telling the children of their parents’ tragic death so as not to ruin their treasured memories of Halloween with them.

Trooper Bradley knew these kids were now a part of his life — he couldn’t just say goodbye and send them on their way. What he did next has made national news.

WSBTV has the rest of this story in the video below:

May God bless this family in their loss, and officer Bradley for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Images Source: Youtube Video Frames

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