Mom Cries When She Reads Her Son's Letter. Now Keep An Eye On Santa

Military families often face a strain during the holiday season. For some, there is the joy of a loved one returning just in time for the holidays. Others, however, must live with the fear of knowing their special person could be in harm’s way.

While celebrating with co-workers at Ocean Medical Center in Brick, NJ, this military mom was called up to the front during the hospital’s Secret Santa. Lesly, a nurse on the maternity unit, never expected to open a handwritten letter from her son, Travis Ruggiero, an Army Specialist stationed overseas in Afghanistan. “It’s from my baby,” Leslie said fighting back tears.

Little did she know that Travis was directly behind her. When she turns around, I couldnt help but cry, and smile with her.

It’s impossible not to smile about this! I can’t think of a better holiday gift than a son’s early homecoming for Christmas. Please SHARE this touching moment with your friends on Facebook!

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