Can You Spot The Scamming Device Attached To This ATM?

Authorities are urging people who may have used Bank of America ATMs to check their bank and credit card statements for unusual transactions.

Police say thieves are placing a small device — a “skimmer” over the magnetic strip reader that would unlock the door leading into the ATMs. When a card is inserted, information can be read from the card and a small video camera captures customers as they enter their PIN numbers. Bank officials have been notified.

Thieves used data they gathered to steal over $120,000 from customers’ accounts, police said.

ATM fraudster caught on camera. Photo: video frame.

“You would think there would be security cameras and catch them the first time and they didn’t and it happened again, so I’m just very weary right now,” customer Karmel Kifarkis said.

“Fraudsters have targeted ATM users across the U.S.,” police said.

“The overlays are really hard to see, they’re exactly the same color and blend in like everything else,” said Abby Ross, a fraud expert at Chicago-based Trustwave.

“Once they have your info, data robbers can sell it on the black market,” he added.

Last month, an ATM camera captured a skimming suspect installing a device. Channel News 8 picked up the story in the video below:

Police have issued a fresh warning to ATM users: “Out at night & using an ATM? Be aware and shield your PIN.”

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