BREAKING: Gunman Shoots Three Cops, Several Others Outside Planned Parenthood Clinic

Police have confirmed that a gunman opened fire Friday afternoon, wounding three police officers and several people outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, CO.

One police officer was reportedly shot in the hand. The extent of the other officers’ injuries is unknown. Authorities said the gunman shot at passing cars from the parking lot of the clinic.

Image: cnn

A police officer said the gunman shot out the rear window of his patrol car as he drove past to “get a look at him.” Multiple other shooting victims have been reported, although no additional details are available.

The gunman has barricaded himself inside the clinic, police said. “The shooter has been “contained,” they said. The situation is unfolding less than a month after a shooting rampage left four people dead in Colorado Springs.

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Dozens of officers are at the scene and engaged in a standoff with the gunman. This is a developing story, please check back for updates.

UPDATE: The gunman was captured alive after he surrendered to police.

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