Zookeepers Give a Tiger a Live Goat To Eat. What Follows Left Them Mystified

In this Siberian zoo, tigers are fed with live animals twice a week. They use their instincts while hunting the prey. But zookeepers were shocked when a Siberian tiger named Amur did the unthinkable after encountering a goat they gave him for dinner.

The goat’s life was supposed to come to a rather gruesome end in the tiger’s enclosure at the Primorsky Safari Park in Russia. Instead of witnessing a bloodbath, the zoo staff saw the two animals trotting around the woods together, just hanging out.

Timur the goat convinced Amur the tiger that he is a friend, not food. Image: Video frame

Zookeepers sacrificed the goat thinking he would make a tasty snack, but the unusual duo struck up a friendship. The staff named the goat Timur, meaning brave.

The tiger is already best friends with the goat he was given for dinner. Image: Video frame

Keepers said: “Amur is no pacifist and it was bravado alone that saved the goat’s skin.” Watch Amur and Timur in the incredible video below:

“The lion will lay down with the lamb…” – Isaiah 11:6.

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