They Set This Puppy On Fire, Broke His Neck And Fed Him Drugs. But He Never Gave Up

Over the years, we’ve shared many stories of animal rescue. Some of them had been abused and abandoned by their owners, but this is one of the worst cases of mindless animal cruelty we’ve ever seen.

When the RSPCA was alerted that a puppy was abandoned near a rubbish dump in Thanet, England, they were shocked to learn that the puppy had been stolen by four teenagers who had then tortured him for several hours before leaving him for dead.

The one-year-old Chihuahua named CHUNKY came back from the dead after being tortured by drugged teenagers.

“The cruelty they inflicted on this poor dog was extreme, barbaric and inexcusable,” RSPCA Inspector Caroline Doe told reporters. “It’s the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with,” she added.

Photo: RSPCA.

Chunky suffered horrendously for hours for the amusement of these boys. The evil teens fed him drugs, then had his legs and neck broken before being set on fire and dumped him like trash. Luckily, Chunky was found by a passerby.

“It is a miracle he survived. I will never forget how terrified and depressed he was when I first saw him,” Doe said.

Photo: RSPCA.

Thankfully, Chunky has now been restored to health and returned to his loving owners. But rescuers fear “he will always be timid and nervous as a result of his ordeal.”

H/T: Express UK

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