Woman Who Posted Photo of Dog With Mouth Taped Shut Wanted By Police

A Florida woman is under investigation after she posted a Facebook photograph of her Labrador retriever with his mouth taped shut and writing the caption: “This is what happens when you dont shut up!!!”

The disturbing image, posted by Katie Brown of South Daytona, has set the internet on fire and commenters outrage over the apparent abuse. As of Saturday afternoon the post was closing in on 250,000 shares.

Image: Facebook

Even Brown’s own friends are turning against her, but she refuses to admit doing anything wrong. Instead, she responded to her critics writing: “I cant lie I did it for sixty seconds.”

In another post she wrote: “You low class.. Me high class” and “This is why I say you have something to say do it direct.”

“We have received calls about Brown’s post from all over the United States and, indeed, from around the globe,” The South Daytona Police Department told the Daily Mail.

Katie Brown. Photo: Facebook

They have so far been unable to locate her for questioning ‘at the addresses they have listed for her.’

We don’t know if this the first time she did something so extreme to her dog, but the Internet’s outrage keeps growing.

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