This Young Mother Had To Choose Herself Or Her Newborn. Her Decision? This is Chilling

Twenty-four-year-old Ashley Bridges was 10-weeks pregnant when she received terrifying news from her doctors. After numerous trips to the emergency room due to excruciating knee pain, the young mother was told she had bone cancer.

Ashley was devastated, but had to be strong for her son, Braiden, and her new unborn baby. She underwent a lengthy surgery in which doctors replaced her knee and removed most of her femur. After the surgery, doctors recommended that she begin chemotherapy immediately – but it came with a heavy price. The treatments were likely to harm her unborn daughter.

She was told that “delaying treatment would allow the cancer to spread throughout her body and ultimately kill her.” But Ashley decided she couldn’t go through with it, and put her child first.

In the video below, she told ABC News: “I’m not going to kill a healthy baby because I’m sick. There’s nothing wrong with her. Her life is just as important as mine if not more important. I mean as a mother my job is to protect my kids.”

Brave young woman. Please share this inspiring story with your family and friends to spread this woman’s brave example of a mother’s love.

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