In 90 Minutes, All Of The Animals In This Shelter Practically Vanished. The Reason? OMG!

Just how did this shelter end up so empty? Just weeks before, this shelter was filled with close to 100 cats and dogs that needed someone to give them a good home.

However, one Saturday left this animal shelter completely empty. The reason will restore your faith in humanity.

This Ohio animal shelter located in the city of Arkon held it’s annual Adopt-a-thon so that these cats and dogs could have a chance at finding a loving family. Little did they know that every single one in the shelter would.

The hard-working and caring people behind the event for weren’t expecting 300 people to show up hours early before the adoption marathon began. Some people arrived at 6:30AM, when the event actually began at 10, several hours later. When someone shows up 3 hours early to adopt a pet on a cold morning, you know they’re going to be in good hands.

Just one of the many adopted!

In just 90 minutes into the Ohio Animal Shelter’s Adopt-a-thon, all 93 cats and dogs we’re adopted. Just amazing!

Another one adopted from the shelter!

And even if some people couldn’t adopt, some donated in good spirits.

The people behind the shelter and those who came just made a huge impact on the lives of these animals, and its just amazing to see people doing amazing things.

Source: ABC News

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