Massive Green 'UFO Wormhole' Spotted Over Cape Town Sends Twitter Into Meltdown

A mysterious green light striking the sky of South Africa over the weekend has set the internet abuzz. Twitter #UFO went viral within minutes as a variety of posts about the odd sightings went up.

Masses of people saw the strange phenomenon. The scene was so bizarre some even questioned if it was a portal or wormhole opening in the sky from another dimension. The strange green light was spotted by hundreds of baffled residents from Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Image: Twitter

Hundreds of people reported the sighting through social networks. One user tweeted: “UFO seen in Cape Town: green lights and all. It looks like a portal.”

Image: Twitter

Another wrote: “Wait, what!? Did anyone see this weird thing in the sky?”

Zooming into the image, you can clearly make out its disk shape and glowing bottom center.

Image: Twitter

The video below, posted by Above Science has more on the sighting:

What do you think it was?

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