Donkey Arrested On Suspicion Of 'Being Lost' Coaxed into The Backseat of Patrol Car

Police officers agree that every arrest can be potentially dangerous. But they probably dream of a suspected offender being as cooperative and docile as this one riding in the backseat of an Oklahoma patrol car.

When Officer Kyle Canaan answered a call reporting an “ass walking down the street” in Norman, Oklahoma, he knew this would require a different strategy.

With the unfortunate suspect impervious to normal investigative methods, the officer was able to convince him to get into the back of his car, where he stood accused, not of any crime but merely of being lost.

Photo: Twitter

The officer then drove his patrol car with the donkey in the back seat to a nearby house from where attempts were made to trace his owner.

Photo: Twitter

This unusual suspect was probably thankful for the intervention of the law!

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