A Woman Did THIS To Him. The Reason Will Have You CHEERING!

The internet is LOL after this would-be rapist got a taste of justice when his victim fought back.

According to media reports, thirty-five-year-old Johnathon Holmes dragged a 21-year-old woman into some bushes in Sheffield city center, UK, but ended up getting bruised and battered when the woman fought back.

The brave woman “bit his tongue, punched him in the stomach and hit him all over the face during the terrifying ordeal,” police said.

According to the report, Holmes started stalking his victim through the streets for more than an hour as she crossed the road three times trying to evade him.

But he caught up with her, dragged her into some bushes and climbed on top of her telling her “you are going to enjoy this.”

The woman said Holmes began to forcefully undress her when she “hit him in the stomach, face and neck while screaming for help.”

Police got there on time to ‘save’ him from the ferocious woman. Holmes was arrested and later sentenced to four and half years after Sheffield Crown Court heard testimony from his victim.

Now that’s what I call sweet justice!

H/T: Metro News UK.

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