Mom And Newborn Die Minutes Apart. Then Doctors Notice The Unthinkable

What was supposed to be a glorious day for this family on Christmas Eve, turned into one of heartbreak when Mike Hermanstorfer watched as his wife, Tracey, died while giving birth to his stillborn son. But something amazing happened that left doctors baffled.

Tracey went into cardiac arrest during labor. When doctors couldn’t revive her, they ordered an emergency C-section to save the baby. But when the baby was delivered, he wasn’t breathing either.

Minutes later, without any reasonable explanation, Tracey’s pulse returned. The staff rushed to complete the C-section. While Mom was being operated on, the baby started breathing again! Doctors were shocked by the incredible and sudden recovery.

“She was dead,” said Dr. Stephanie Martin. “She had no pulse, no heartbeat, was not breathing and was turning gray. I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

“There’s only one explanation for having either one of them, let along both of them here,” Mike said. “It’s just an absolute miracle.”

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H/T: Little Things.

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