Mom Knew Frat Guys Were Visiting Her Daughter, But Nothing Prepares Her For THIS

Meet Lexi Brown, a 12-year-old girl with cancer who has inspired thousands. But it was an act of kindness from the brothers at the UCLA chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity that showed her the power of doing good for others.

Lexi has a sarcoma and cancer that has migrated to her lungs. A visit to the pediatrician revealed that her heart was working at 15 percent, so she was airlifted from her home north of Santa Barbara to UCLA Children’s Hospital in a room across from the frat house.

To take their minds off things, Lexi and her mom drew a sign asking for pizza and put it in the window.

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Then a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house saw the sign and tipped off his brothers to take a look. That’s when all the action started.

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First, a group of guys walked over with pizza. Others showed up with a guitar and roses, serenading her.

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“Five guys come in, and they had a guitar and dozen roses and a box of pizza,” Lisa said. “They introduced themselves and said, ‘We saw your sign; we’re here.’ They stayed for a half an hour, they sang this song and I started bawling my head off. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe these people are here for my child.’”

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The surprises didn’t end there. Lexi struck up a friendship with the SAE fraternity. The guys arranged for all sorts of exciting visits for Lexi, from the UCLA football team to women’s tennis players. But the most consistent visitors were the frat brothers.

Some just stopped by to give her a little gift like a shirt or a teddy bear, and some stayed for hours to hang out with her. But one night came the clincher. Lexi and her parents peeked out the hospital window and made a stunning discovery.

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The brothers surprised Lexi by putting her name in lights on the roof of their house. They added purple lights to match her favorite color, and a flashing, beating heart.

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God bless Lexi and her brothers!

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