They Caught This Mom Stealing Ingredients For Her Kid’s Birthday Cake. What This Cop Does Next? Incredible!

It all started with a call about a woman shoplifting last at a discount shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but ended up with a random act of kindness that has set the internet abuzz.

A single mother was caught stealing cake mix, shortening, and some frosting. When officer Michael Kotsonis tracked down the woman at her home, he learned that she had been taking the items to make a birthday cake for her child.

Officer Michael Kotsonis. Photo: Video frame-Youtube

But instead of arresting her, Kotsonis did something incredible – he paid for her shopping bill.

“It doesn’t make it right, but the kid shouldn’t have to pay,” he told reporters.

“This was pretty typical of this particular officer and a lot of police officers in our department,” his colleague Lt Darrin Sargent told CBS Boston.

“I think it happens more often than we know,” Sargent commented on their Facebook page.

While stealing is wrong, this officer act of compassion saved this child’s birthday and a mother in need.

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