She Calmly Walks Away Eating Her Pizza. What She Leaves Behind? UNBELIEVABLE!

This surveillance video posted on Youtube has caused outrage. The footage shows an unidentified woman walking away from the scene of a fatal accident in Brooklyn, NY. Apparently, she was too busy eating a slice of pizza to care that another woman was bleeding to death after being hit by a car, just feet away from her.

The slain victim was identified as 30-year-old Victoria Nicodemus, 30, an art curator. Bystanders attempted to perform chest compressions to save her life, but it was too late. Four other people were injured, including Nicodemus’ boyfriend, when an SUV ran up on the sidewalk outside a pizza restaurant and plowed into a crowd of pedestrians.

This woman, however, appeared unperturbed by the scene of carnage unfolding feet away as she calmly turned around, took in the scene, took a bite of her slice of pizza and walked away, even as bystanders rushed to aid Nicodemus and the others. Watch:

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