When a 90-Year-Old Vet Was Evicted From His House, These Patriots Responded In an Amazing Way

After Buffalo police forcefully removed WWII veteran Johnnie Hodges Sr. from his long-time home strapped on a stretcher due to an eviction notice, the house where he raised his two children and nursed his wife of more than 65 years in her final days was emptied of his possessions.

“Movers took everything from the house, packed them into boxes and loaded them into two moving vans,” Hodges’s daughter Robin Hodges, 53, told The Washington Post.

Photo: ABC News

But thanks to the action of strangers in the internet, this 90-year-old WWII veteran will be home for Christmas. Upon reading the news online, a man from nearby Williamsville set up a GoFundMe campaign to help him get his home back. The response was swift.

Image: ABC News

Donations from over 2,000 people poured in, totaling $110,741 as of Monday. Hodges was officially allowed to return home, just in time for the holidays, after using this money to buy it back. He was greeted by a welcome-back party from his neighbors, Huffington Post reported.

“I’m very happy to be back…and spend Christmas with my family in my home,” Hodges, told ABC News in the video below. “There’s nothing like being with your family. This is a beautiful home I have and it really is a pleasure to be here.”

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