Man Buys Giant Sea Turtles From Local Market. What He Does Next has Gone Viral

When Arron Cullin went to a foreign food market, he never expected that his purchase and the action that followed would make him an internet sensation. But that’s exactly what happened!

While at the market, Cullin was shocked to find a merchant selling two giant sea turtles alive! He felt bad seeing the poor turtles crawling around and decided to buy them. Then he did something amazing that has set the internet abuzz.

Culling posted the encounter on his facebook page, showing the turtles that were on sale and what he did after purchasing them.

The caption on his post reads: “found these at the local market got them for 50 bucks drove 5km up the road and let them go.”

Photo: Arron Culin. Facebook

There are only a few species of sea turtles and most of them are endangered. Thankfully, men like Arron Cullin are making a difference. According to his Facebook, Cullin has rescued about ten turtles so far.

Photo: Arron Cullin. Facebook

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H/T: Viralnova, Facebook.

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