Chilling Message: Migrants Demand ‘Open Borders Or Die’ At Several Checkpoints

Angry migrants wrote a chilling message on a home-made banner saying “Open or Die” after being stopped in their tracks at the border between Macedonia and Greece.

According to media reports, the group clashed with authorities after being told they could not pass through the border. Macedonia is the latest country to erect a border fence.

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This, however, is not an isolated case. Threatening migrants attempting to march across Europe have been waving placards saying ‘open or die’ after being stopped at several checkpoints.

Riot police struggled to maintain order as hundreds of people rejected by Macedonia clashed with the Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis who have been given the green light to cross the border, according to the report.

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“About 6,000 people from different nations, including Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are stuck at the border sleeping in a shelter provided by charities, in hundreds of tents or in the fields,” police said.

The government had distributed fliers warning the migrants that they must leave the border area within three days, and authorities implied they would take “more drastic action if necessary.”

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