WATCH: Cat Walks For The First Time After Receiving Titanium Prosthetic Legs

This three-year-old cat named Vincent was born with an abnormality in his hind legs, rendering him unable to walk. However, thanks to the determination of workers at the shelter where he was abandoned as a kitten, some top veterinarians, and an experimental procedure, he’s now back on his feet and very happy.

Born with only half of his tibia leg bones and his knee fixed in hyperextension, Vincent couldn’t bend his leg. To get him back on his feet, the procedure implanted two titanium pegs that pass through his skin and go straight into the femur bones.

Photo: Iowa State University

“The operation was carried out by Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh from Iowa State University’s Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, with the help of veterinary orthopedics company BioMedtrix, who made the titanium prosthetics,” the University reported on its website:

Although Vincent’s legs look a little on the small side, he will receive subsequent procedures to lengthen his new legs.

Bergh said: “the experience with Vincent may help her and other veterinary orthopedic surgeons expand and improve the use of implants for animals in the future,” and called the procedure an “emerging field” that may help answer some questions and make implants a more practical solution.

H/T: iflscience.

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