It Appears This Guy Just Made a Dog Out of Sand, But Take a Closer Look

Here at Tabooya, we love seeing artistic people creating lovely things. So when we saw these guys making ‘sand dogs’ on the street, we had to stop and look.

At first glance, it looks like a talented artist just finished making a dog out of sand. Everyone seems to fall in love with the beautiful sand sculptures and quickly drops some money in the guy’s tray.

But could it be possible that these impressive sand dogs are actually an ‘artistic con trick’?

Image: Facebook

Reports of the exact same ‘sand dogs’ have appeared from across the country and people are noticing some strange things:

You always see a sand dog ‘artist’ finishing the sand dog. You never see someone starting a sand dog. What’s up with that? They never seem to have much loose sand. Why?

Image: Facebook

The most shocking explanation? Several people have reported seeing men unloading ready made dogs off their vans, which suggests that the sculptures are pre-made.

This means that when the dog ‘sculptors’ are seen adding details, they’re not actually doing anything. Watch:

Reacting to the outrage, Quirker wrote: “This ‘Sand Dog’ phenomenon seems to be nothing more than a sort of sculptural lip-syncing. If we were sculptors ourselves we’d be furious.”e that these impressive sand dogs are actually fakes?

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