They Filmed This Man Carrying a Dog. What He Does Next? UNTHINKABLE!

Authorities are appealing for information after RSPCA released a shocking video showing a man repeatedly punching his dog while walking down a street.

As you’ll see in the sickening footage, the man starts abusing the animal around 23 seconds into the video. After he had been pummeled in the sustained attack, the poor dog was so frightened he had to be carried down the street.

The man who shot the video reported it to the RSPCA. Now the animal protection charity has released the footage in a bid to track down the man who did this to the ‘clearly petrified’ dog.

“This is an urgent appeal to find the man in the footage, which we are releasing today, and the dog, whose welfare we are extremely concerned about,” RSPCA Inspector Charlotte Booker said.

She added: “We hope that the images of him and the dog along with the location and time this happened will mean that those who know him will recognise him, and call us.”

The internet has responded by sharing the video on social media. WARNING: This video contains images that some viewers may be disturbing.

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