Sign From God? 'Mysterious Flying Crosses' Appear Over Warzones. Many Claim Divine Intervention

Mysterious ‘flying cross shapes’ that many believe are heavenly signs have been filmed in the sky over conflict zones in Europe and The Middle East, taking the internet by storm.

Thousands have reported the bizarre phenomenon. A witness filmed what appears to be a being of light over Crimea, near Sebastapol.

In the Ukraine, a strange light that was thought to be a missile or a meteorite was also filmed, when it also appeared to make the shape of a cross. The film also revealed footage of another “sign” filmed where the MH17 was shot down.

Investigative reporter Fernando Correa: “The cross was very white, a very particular white glow. The energy or the size seemed to increment,”

Youtube video frame

He added: “A witness said the cross seemed to be alive as if it were an entity.”

“We can clearly see a cross going up and down – it is amazing,” Paranormal investigator Jamie Mausaan told reporters.

Youtube video frame

“It was pulsating, it was an amazing sight then it went up until it disappeared,” he added.

Those who have seen the crosses speculate they could be signs from the Lord to end the ongoing conflict.

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