The Doctors Thought His Mom Would Reject Him. Years Later, He Shares His Incredible Story

A mother’s love knows no boundaries, and the video you’re about to watch tells a story that exemplifies that undeniable fact.

Mat Fraser was born with a rare congenital disorder called phocomelia. The disorder involves the malformation of appendages like legs, ears, and noses, although it most commonly affects arms, as in Fraser’s case. While Phocomelia can be genetic, most cases were caused by women in the ’50s and ’60s taking a powerful painkiller called thalidomide during pregnancy. According to health experts, only 50 percent of newborns affected with the condition survive infancy.

But Fraser hasn’t let his physical disability hold him back. He’s an accomplished actor, having performed with Britain’s Graeae Theatre Company, the world’s premiere disable theater troupe. He has a black belt in karate. He’s also a drummer and has performed in rock bands throughout the ’80s with names like The Grateful Dub and The Reasonable Strollers.

Now, after 20 years of touring the world as an acclaimed actor, disability advocate, and cabaret and burlesque star, Mat Fraser comes to America to play a character on the popular TV series “American Horror Story.”

Frazer shares his incredible journey in the video below:

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