Police Arrives At Church. What Follows Has Been Called An 'Act of God'

A police officer’s actions are being called an ‘act of God’ after he saved the life of a baby boy who was choking during Sunday school.

The incident took place at the First Christian Pentecostal Church in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. According to CBS news, a mom sitting in Sunday school suddenly stood up, holding her child’s face toward the ground, panicking. The child, named Jonathan, was turning blue and his eyes rolled back.

As the congregation scrambled to call 911, the mother ran outside with her baby. At the same moment, Police Officer Mark Shaw was pulling up to a parking lot just next door to the church, when he saw the mother run out with the child.

The intuitive cop realized that the child was not well, and proceeded to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Jonathan. Within seconds, the baby was able to spit up what was blocking his airways and breathe normally again.

Reporters later learned that Shaw has been an EMT for over 30 years! CBS News has more on this incredible story below:

This cop is a real hero. If you’re thankful that he was able to save Jonathan, please SHARE!

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