NASA's Rover Drilled On The Surface Of Mars, Find Something That Shocks Scientists

Scientists weren’t expecting this to be found after NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered after drilling on a strange rock.

Upon drilling on rocks given the area named “Buckskin”, the drill had stumbled upon some strange blue dust embedded in the rock.

Turns out that the blue material found in the rocks was a mineral found to be quite rare on earth. However, whats even more surprising that this rare material, tridymite, is practically everywhere on the planet, just under the red dust that covers all of Mars.

Tridymite has applications in the medical field, dentistry, and in several other manufacturing industries. The abundance of this mineral points to Mars’ past of volcanic eruptions, and to how similar Mars could have been with lakes and seas billions of years ago.

A NASA employee stated:

“[the formation of the mineral]… those processes involve water. If we can determine what happened, we’ll learn more about other conditions in those ancient wet environments.”

As the rover investigates other areas of the red planet’s terrain, they can use the formation of this mineral to discover how lakes and rivers created what we know of Mars already. This can lead to see how similar Mars and Earth could have been.

Could have Mars really been blue?

H/T: Express

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