Instead Of Asking For Gifts, Birthday Boy Helps Abandoned Dog Become A K-9 Officer

5-year-old boy, Tristan Sommerfeld, wants to be a police officer when he grows up, and is already finding ways to benefit the community in Ankeny, Iowa.

A one-year-old lab mix, Boscow, was rescued from a shelter in Indiana after being abandoned. What this young boy did for the dog and the community has encouraged many in the community to follow suit.

For his birthday, Tristan wanted to pay it forward instead of receiving gifts. Tristan’s mother said, “For his birthday, rather than asking for gift from friends and family, we asked for donations for the K-9 fund.”

As a result, Tristan had raised over $1,500 for the training program, which inspired others to donate as well. Overall, the program raised over $30,000.

Boscow was trained to track missing persons and find illegal drugs. Soon enough, the lab mix will be able to serve the community to help those in need. However, despite being trained as a K-9 officer, Boscow is still a puppy off-duty.

An officer humorously stated, “If you don’t pay attention, he will want to grab something he’s not suppose to play with… like a shoe, and quite frequently.”

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