Putin's Latest Move Has Left ISIS Begging For Peace

As reported by Newsitor, Vladimir Putin promised ISIS they were making a determined enemy when he entered the conflict. Since then the terrorist group’s attempts to deter the Russian leader has just made him more ‘aggressive.’

Now Russia’s latest move has even left the terrorist group reeling.

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According to the report, Russian intelligence received word that an ISIS funeral procession would be passing near a town which served as a distribution point for ISIS’ illicit oil network. Putin’s strategy to combat ISIS has relied heavily on striking the lucrative black market oil trade.

Deciding to hit two birds with one stone, Russian troops attacked the town as the funeral procession was passing by, eliminating not only a source of revenue but causing a devastating loss of morale to the terrorist group as well.

ISIS leaders called the attack “barbaric” and have asked for Russia not to strike again at funeral convoys, Newsitor wrote.

Russia has made it’s response clear: it won’t stop until the terror group surrenders.

Do you agree with Putin’s daring attack?

This article first appeared on Newsitor.com. Published with permission.

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