Heartbreaking Moment When a Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Side Of Friend Killed By Car

A heartbreaking image showing a loyal dog who refused to leave his fallen friend’s side has emerged online. The dog was seen guarding over pal’s lifeless body for 10 hours after the pooch is hit by a car near Dallas, TX.

Animal volunteers are now trying to trace the owner of the devoted Great Pyrenees, who was found by Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery guarding his fallen friend’s body.

Photo: Julie Fennell-Facebook

It is not known if they were strays or pets that had gotten away from their owners. Neither was microchipped.

Photo: Julie Fennell-Facebook

“He’s obviously being loyal to a friend who passed away and he’s mourning,” said Julie Fennell, a volunteer with Dallas animal advocates who went to the scene to help the dogs, KXAS-TV reported.

Photo: Julie Fennell-Facebook

“He was just kind of sitting guard like a statue, just sitting there watching over his friend’s body,” she said.

Fennell picked up the Great Pyrenees and took him to a Dallas Animal Services shelter to see if an owner comes forward to claim him.

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