Mom Was Filming Her Son When She Noticed Something Horrifying. This Can Happen To Anyone!

Keeping children safe at home is every parent’s first priority. Baby-proofing and childproofing might make you think of a place where babies and children can never get hurt. But the reality is that children can still have tumbles and falls, and many accidents aren’t 100% preventable.

A family has released a horrifying footage of their child being strangled by a window blind cord to warn other parents of this silent killer.

In a home video from 2002, Nicci Walla, a mother of three, was filming two of her sons playing in their strollers at home in Wisconsin. But when she turned to pick up the phone, she captured on horrific image: Gavin hanging silent and lifeless by the neck from a window blind cord.

Nicci drops the camera and rushes over screaming. Incredibly, Gavin survived. His father Nathan managed to rush over in time, squeeze him and he started breathing again.

“I somehow got Gavin off the window blind, but I don’t know how,” Nicci told ABC News. She wants to use this video as a warning to all parents and families with young children.

The key is supervision. Your child will be safest if you accept that childproofing is always a work in progress – as your child grows, you need to keep an eye out for new hazards.

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