Two Sisters Step Onstage With A Guitar And Mics. Just Wait 'Til You Hear Them Sing

The Grand Ole Opry House, often referred to as the “home of American music,” have seen countless country legends performing onstage over the last 20 years. But sometimes, it’s the lesser-known artists that leave the most lasting impressions, like sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella’s performance captured in the video below.

Only 13 and 9 years old at the time, the gifted girls harmonize a cover of the Lumineers’ hit, “Ho Hey,” and leave the Opry’s audience cheering loudly mid-song.

Now 16 and 11, the sisters have managed to build successful musical careers thanks to videos like this one. They’ve also since charted on iTunes, toured internationally, and have even authored their own children’s book.

Wow! It’s safe to assume that these prodigious sisters’ musical career will undoubtedly carry them to stages big and small all over the world.

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