They Were Expecting a Normal Birth, But Doctors Were Stunned When They Saw THIS

A mother and her Doctors were stunned after she gave birth siamese twins fused at the stomach, with four arms and two legs. The stunned doctors only realized the bizarre twin babies were coming just moments before the birth.

According to news reports, the shocked mother had been too poor to afford an ultrasound scan before the birth and the father “couldn’t believe” his eyes when the conjoined twins emerged from the womb.

Dr Ruchi Gupta, gynaecologist, who delivered the babies in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India, said: “This was the first such case in our hospital and we all were shocked to witness the birth of the child.


“We only learnt that the mother was carrying a conjoined twin at the last moment. I had only heard of such births but never imagined I would have conjoined twins,” he added.

Dr. Gupta revealed that the distressed parents, Guddo Devi, 25, and her husband Dalvir Singh, 27, a labourer, are now planning to consult specialists at bigger, better hospitals to desperately save the twins – their first children.


According to Singh: “His wife never complained of any problem throughout her pregnancy, so he never took her for regular medical check-up or an ultrasound.”

“My family is heartbroken, but we have faith in God, he said.

“The babies are perfectly healthy and so we did not keep them at intensive care unit and rather handed them to their mother. But we cannot tell how long they will survive as conjoined twins have a short-life span,” Dr. Gupta said.

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