Doctors Pronounced Newborn Dead Told The Mother To Let Go, But What Happened Next Left Them In Disbelief

David and Kate Ogg had been trying for three years, and had gotten more than they anticipated with once they had found out they were having twins. This left them more than happy as they were eager to become parents.

Kate and her husband cuddling to give their newly-born son wamrth

However, at 26 weeks, Kate was informed that her children would be born prematurely, and upon deliver, her nightmare came true as she was told that one of the twins did not survive.

Kate refused to give up on her son, so she and David hugged and embraced their cold newborn son to provide him with warmth. To the doctors and nurses surprise, the boy came back to life, moving in Kate and David’s grasp. Her son was alive.

Moments after discovering that both their children survived the premature births.

Today, the children are alive and well. It just shows how motherly instinct can overcome the worst in this amazing and magnificent series of events. This is truly inspiring, as she never gave up on her child.

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