This 5-Year-Old Boy Was Being Bullied. Now Watch When These Star Athletes Step In

Bullying is a problem that can derail a child’s schooling, social life, and, most importantly, their emotional well-being. It’s also an issue that has been made even more pressing in recent years.

Adults may have a tendency to ignore bullying, to write it off as a normal part of life that all kids have to go through. However, it’s a real problem with dangerous consequences, and it should be dealt with accordingly.

Meet 16-year-old Chris Kuykendall. At first glance, he looks like your typical 16-year-old star football player, but Chris was horribly bullied as a kid and says he made the “terrible mistake of never telling his parents.” While the harassment would end when he got an older, the deep wounds it left will never go away.

So when Chris heard about a 5-year-old who was bullied so badly he would throw up before school, he knew he had to do something. He got the idea to invite the kid to lunch with him. That way his bullies could see the little guy was one of the cool kids. It worked immediately.

Chris’ fellow athlete Brevin Young, who was also bullied as a kid, joined him at lunch. The two athletes decided to do the same for other kids and started the “Eagle Buddies”, a group that pairs older athletes with bullied kids to give them the confidence and protection they deserve.

Watch their story in the video below.

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