Man Builds A 160-Sq-Ft Home , Contains Unexpectedly Beautiful Living Space

The recent trend of small living spaces has certainly changed the way people live. Having spacious living spaces is nice, but this person has shown that minimalism certainly has its perks.

While many spend incredible amounts looking for the perfect home, Alek Lisefski decided to build is own 160-sq-ft home in pursuit of an affordable and more sustainable way of living.

He believes living in a “simpler, more organized and efficient” way, and having no room to hoard things means he’ll have more opportunities to engage the world instead of staying inside.

At first-glance, it looks tiny…

This trailer-like home looks tiny from up-front

A view from the back reveals the entire home

But when you look on the inside, you’ll realize that sometimes less is actually more…

A cozy living room

A workspace with a view

And he hasn’t forgotten the essentials of a home either…

An efficient kitchen

All the cookware you’ll need

It’s surprising how much he has fit in 160-sq-ft…

Tiny house, tiny bathroom

And the bedroom is superb, especially for the space it uses…

Living room, just a short ways from the bedroom

Upstairs bedroom

Living in a tiny space certainly has its caveats, but this Alek believes benefits outweigh the trade-offs.

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