Stranded Baby Seal is Rescued After Being Injured By Cruel Teenagers

When people typically find baby animals all alone, the sensible thing is to treat them with tender care or leave them alone. However, that’s not what these had in mind for this baby seal.

Sammy was found in a river after being pelted with objects by a group of teenagers.

After being left in a river and injured for a week, this cute baby seal was rescued. The pup nicknamed Sammy had endured a long journey through the river after being hit by several things the bad boys threw at him. One resident said, “I was having a [nap] and then I noticed… kids started throwing stuff at it.”

Sammy being wrapped in a towel for warmth as he can’t produce enough body heat

Soon enough, his rescuers made way through the water to take Sammy in for recovery. One of his caretakers mentioned, “The pup has lost a great deal of weight during his time in the water… He is currently suffering from pneumonia, and has an ulcer… likely from a rock scratch in the river.”

Making a recovery

He is currently being treated, and the results are already showing. Soon enough, adorable little Sammy will be ok to go on his own.

Sammy looking adorable

Who could hurt a face like that?!

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