Miracle Baby Wakes Up After Doctors Turn Off Life Support

Bella’s parents, Francesca, 41, and her husband Lee Moore-Williams, 44, first became concerned about their daughter’s health when she started losing her hair at just 14 months of age. Doctors believed she may have had asthma and Bella was prescribed an inhaler as she also suffered from chest infections.

But just three months later in July, while the family was on vacation, Bella took a turn for the worse. On their return, Bella was admitted to intensive care and doctors delivered devastating news.

Photo: The Telegraph

An MRI scan showed severe abnormalities across both sides of Bella’s brain. Mom and dad were told that it was likely Bella had Mitochondrial disease – which is terminal.

Photo: The Telegraph

Weeks later, Francesca and Lee watched as their baby daughter took what they thought was her last breath. They kissed her forehead and wept as Bella’s life-supporting ventilator was turned off.

But incredibly just 30 minutes after doctors thought she was dead, the toddler started to breathe on her own and soon she began kicking and screaming. Medical staff quickly forewent the “Do Not Resuscitate” order and did everything they could to keep her alive.

Photo: The Telegraph

Within minutes, her oxygen levels were back up to 100 percent and the traumatized parents were later told Bella would survive.

Photo: The Telegraph

It’s now five months later, and Bella’s health continues to improve. Her hair has grown back and she’s now walking and talking. Francesca and Lee spent the holidays at home with the daughter they call their “Christmas Miracle.”

H/T: The Telegraph.

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