A 2-year-old Amputee Found The Perfect Friend: Holly, a Kitten With a Missing Leg

Scarlette Tipton was only 10 months old when she lost her left arm to a rare form of cancer. Now 2 years old, she’s learning that she’s different to other kids, and slowly adjusting to her condition.

Her parents, Matt and Simone Tipton, of Orange County, thought of something that could help in their daughter’s ongoing recovery – a friend going through the same thing, so Scarlette would know she’s not alone.

That’s when they heard about Holly, a kitten two women found bleeding from a traumatic injury in December.

Courtesy of San Jacinto Animal Shelter

Holly had to have her paw amputated after she caught it in the fan belt of a car she was sleeping in to keep warm. She was brought into San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus earlier this year, where carers nursed her back to health.

Scarlette’s parents took her into the shelter to meet Holly this Christmas Eve and adopted the kitten on the 30th of December.

When Scarlette first met the 3-month-old, gray-and-white Holly, she told her mother, “owie,” pointing to the kitten’s injury. “Yes, an owie. Just like you. But she’s OK – just like you are too,” Ms. Tipton told her daughter.

The video below posted by KTLA News has more on this story:

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