Man Returns $500 He Found in Drive-Thru ATM, Triggers a Chain Reaction Of Good Deeds

When Bobby Puryear of Modesto, Calif. pulled up to a drive-thru ATM, he was surprised to find $500 left in the cash tray. He was able to locate the rightful owner and returned the money, but he never anticipated what ould happen next.

All started as Bobby Puryear was about to put his card in the ATM when he noticed the pile of cash that someone had apparently forgotten. He went inside the bank and asked a manager to see who had visited the ATM before him.

The next day, the manager allegedly called Puryear and informed him that the money belongs to a 92-year-old woman named Edith, and the manager called the woman with Puryear also in on the three-way call.

Edith was so happy and told Puryear that her rent was $480, so she would give him $20 as a reward. But she then mentioned that the $20 would be all the money she’d have for the month.

After thinking about her situation, Puryear decided to transfer $200 from his account to Edith’s. A co-worker overheard him and decided to donate $100, and workers at the bank contributed another $300 to go with the other money for Edith. That put her balance at $600, more than her original withdrawal amount.

People commenting on the story, which Puryear told in a Facebook post, were also inspired to help others after hearing about the good deed.

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